• Futuristic Technology Training & Services

  • Futuristic Technology Training & Services

  • Futuristic Technology Training & Services

Your Key To Success

Quality Process

A process is a set of actions done to accomplish a goal. Quality describes the goals and how to achieve it. A quality process is a set of methods/procedures used to support the business mechanisms according to the needs of the clients. Success of any organization depends on the implementation of quality processes.

Why a quality process is in place?

  • A quality process helps any business to achieve its objectives.
  • Our quality process is in line with the mission and principles of TechnoKraft.
  • Our training programs have been effective and efficient in meeting the needs of the trainees and clients.
  • Improved customer satisfaction.
  • Improved consistency.
  • Eliminates redundancy by removing defects.
  • Our quality program enhances organizational and individual competence.
  • Our work is constantly re-evaluated for quality.


  • The course structure and training materials were planned and prepared by experienced technical writers who work with premier companies.
  • The training and reference materials are constantly updated according to the needs and the requirements of the industry.
  • The scope of learning is heightened as the course modules are structured in a way that the learning happens starting from the basics and moving on to the advanced levels.
  • The learning steps are sequential to benefit the learners. The trainees can move from one learning stage to another with ease.
  • Proper methodologies and evaluation of the trainees for better training.
  • Our trainees are taught how to maintain the quality of documents.

In Corporate Training

  • Our training programs are systematic, robust and process oriented.
  • Your in-house technical writers and instructional designers can benefit and boost their writing skills and market value.


The feedback mechanism in place for all the training programs from individuals and companies helps us in improving our quality of our training programs

In Documentation

  • We aim to provide you with superior quality documents and exceptional service.
  • We train our technical writers to maintain the quality of the documents at all times.
  • Our processes are well defined and structured to meet all the quality standards for technical writing.
  • We are entrusted with lot of technical documentation because of our quality.