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  • Futuristic Technology Training & Services

  • Futuristic Technology Training & Services

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Instructional Design


TechnoKraft provides exemplary training to get trained as Instructional Designers.

Course Objectives

After completing the course, the learner will be able to:

  • Recognize the role and responsibilities of an instructional designer in an e-learning organization.
  • Perform client’s need analysis accurately to mitigate risk.
  • Design the most suitable learning architecture for an e-learning course.
  • Create the course script based on micro strategies and style guides.
  • Develop the storyboards that reduce iterations at production level.
  • Conduct self-review and peer review of products to ensure high quality course.
  • Recognize the importance of visual design for successful instructional design.
  • Identify various types of technical compliance followed by the e-learning industry.
  • Design quality test items for evaluating the course at pre-training, formative and summative stages.

Course Audience & Structure

Course Audience:

  • Practicing instructional designers who are interested in strengthening their basics.
  • Experienced technical writers who are interested in acquiring skills related to instructional design.
  • Exceptionally motivated fresh students who are interested in pursuing a career in instructional design.


Course Structure:

  • Consists of six comprehensive modules covering all important aspects of instructional design (see course outline for detailed learning objectives).
  • Involves lectures, group discussions and regular assessments to check learners’ progress.
  • Have end-of-module practice assignments culminating in project work based on real life work situations.
  • Contains end-of-course comprehensive test (2 hr) to check theoretical understanding.
  • Devotes 55 hours for theory and 50 hours for practical, spread over three months.
  • Provides Study material based on PPT slides.