• Futuristic Technology Training & Services

  • Futuristic Technology Training & Services

  • Futuristic Technology Training & Services

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Consultancy for Corporates

Training is an ongoing and rooted process in any corporate company. Companies are constantly looking to improve their training processes to enhance productivity and job satisfaction among its workforce. It is a two-way process where the companies’ money flow is directly proportional to the innovative and adaptive training methodologies used to train their staff.

Advantage of Consultancy?

Over a period of time, looking into the day-to-day processes and related issues may become cumbersome and lead to laxity. It is difficult to find errors that have not been rectified for a long time.

TechnoKraft Advantage

Professional analysis and auditing of the existing training processes:

Each and every document is analyzed professionally, improvising it to add more value.

Innovative training methodologies:

We also analyze how your training programs are conducted and handled and give feedback and feasible suggestions and modifications so that the organization as well as the employees are benefited.

Establishing a user-focussed content architecture:

  • By conducting an effective audience analysis.
  • Use content that is appropriate for all kinds of audience.
  • What are the expectations from the audience.
  • Their current level of expertise.
  • Best approach to customize the training according to the needs and expertise of the audience.

Planning and designing performance-based curricula:

The curriculum is designed to bridge the gap between theory and practice by providing hands-on experience on the aspects of technical writing so there is a boost in the performance.


The certification course prepares you to get a deep understanding about technical writing and get certified to start a career as technical writers.

Establishing and implementing corporate standards and guidelines:

Being consistent is the key to providing quality work by following an establishing a standard process in place for all the technical documents, be it a user guide or a training manual. We help in creating such a benchmark standard for your team to follow and establish the same quality consistently to all the clients.