Testimonials From Students

“All the modules were completed on time. The trainers supported me while doing the assignments, thanks a lot for that. TechnoKraft is doing a very good job” Saraswathi. A

“The course is well organized. The flow of information is apt and to the point and useful. The reference material given contains screen shots which is very helpful. Overall a good fun learning experience. “ Revathi. S

“The course is really very good. Both the fundamentals and tools were taught so well that I really love to work on them. Assignments were also very realistic and had made us confident with the tools. Best part of the course was the interactive session and ambience of TechnoKraft which makes us very comfortable.” Shilpi Saxena

“The certification course in Technical Writing at TechnoKraft enhanced my skills and abilities as a technical writer. The fundamentals of technical writing were truly beneficial. The tools such as Robohelp, Framemaker, Visio were taught in detail and the sessions were informative. The knowledge which I gained through the course helped me to face interviews confidently and to walk them through. The trainers were patient in teaching and the assignments were also useful.” Sherlin Oneeta Bastin

“TechnoKraft is the place for taking a course on Technical Writing in detail with good hands on experience on the tools. The trainers are extremely helpful and they get down to the level of the learner to explain concepts till they understand. They always rendered a helping hand whenever we had any doubts or issues.” Hameetha Balkar

“I am really happy with the course. I have learnt a lot of things and gained a lot of confidence from the course. After a gap of 10 yrs it was challenging for me to learn something. I enjoyed learning from your institute.” Neelima Batchu

“The course has been very knowledgeable and I enjoyed the subject matter and the learning process. The writing exercises and assignments were critical learning process which in turn helped me to write content in an effective manner.” Cynthya

“I love the flexibility and freedom to learn at my own phase. The facilitators went above and beyond my expectations guiding and instructing me throughout the course. Unlike other institutes TechnoKraft is excellent and very approachable.” Steffi Vincent

“The training covers all the topics that are essential for technical writers. All the assignments and the presentation given by the trainers helped us in improving our technical writing skills and the confidence level as well. The trainers have very good knowledge on technical writing with good communication skills. They are very cooperative and they show us the right way to reach our goal.” Aparna Swain

“It was excellent to learn at TechnoKraft. Hope I can utilize this knowledge in my professional career. It is one of the best training I have received in my recent times. The trainers have excellent attitude towards teaching.” Prathap.  K

“The training was better than expected. It equally covers theory and lab sessions as promised. It lets you get an overall perspective on what to expect from the job front. Most commonly used tools are taught here. The trainers are patient and clear in their approach towards the students." Tessy Thomas     

“The training is well conducted. I am very happy with the trainers who are very patient in teaching and take care in explaining all our doubts and queries. “ Ashwini. N

“I am a student of Instructional Design. I found this course very interesting and informative. I have learned a lot of new things and the right way of doing them. The faculty members are very helpful and cooperative.” Farhat Fatima

“Training was good. The training helped me to talk about the core topic confidently. I also got the confidence to talk about the subject in front of an audience without any fear. The trainers are good, knowledgeable. The feedbacks given by the trainers are really helpful.” Aswini Kuran

“Training has been systematic and emphasis was laid on practical application rather than theory. Assignments were helpful in understanding the modules extensively. Fundamental lessons were beneficial in improving the writing skills and have greatly enhanced the ability to organize one’s thoughts while writing. The trainers have taken care to impart the lessons in simple language which can be easily understood. “ Nissy James

“The training was better than expected. Equally covers theory and lab sessions as promised. It lets you get an overall perspective on what to expect in the job front. Most commonly used tools are taught here. The trainers are patient and clear in their approach and willing to clear the doubts most willingly.” Tessy Sara Thomas

“Training conducted by the trainers is amazing and meet the market/industry standards.  The trainers are very approachable and helpful. The trainers here possess the core knowledge of Technical Writing.” Mohit Puri

“I joined this course in Instructional Design without any prior knowledge about this subject. I found it very interesting and I have got both theoretical and practical exposure with the help of the faculty.  Now I am confident to start my career in this field.  I am fully satisfied with the course.” Deepti Bhatia

“The Technical Writing course at TechnoKraft has been very enriching experience. Learning under the guidance of highly skilled and experienced instructors has helped me develop new skills. I am now proficient in using various authoring tools and have the ability to create documents as per the desired standards." Chavi Singhal   

“It has been a great experience being a part of TechnoKraft. It definitely helped me to understand and learn technical writing. The course’s best feature is the availability of resources for learning the tools and that more emphasis is given on practicals rather than theory."  Madhubala. V

“The course is up to date and thorough. The course pattern is designed well. The time frame prescribed for the course is sufficient to understand and learn all that the course has to offer. The flow of the course helped me to go from one level to another without any difficulty." Swati Vadeyar

“I’m satisfied with the training provided at TechnoKraft. It covers all the topics comprehensively and provides the students enough time to get a complete understanding about the topics through practice sessions. It’s informative to put it in simple words.  All the trainers are very knowledgeable and have experience in teaching. In addition to that they are very friendly, cooperative and always ready to clear our doubts." Dileep Raja

“As I am from a non-technical background I found the course to be very useful to understand the concepts completely. The training was beyond my expectations. The have the patience to clear our doubts any number of times.” Shubha.B

“The course was excellent. Individual attention given to the students was appreciated. I am very satisfied with the course. I find this as one of the best training institutes in Bangalore. I am perfect with the fundamentals as well as the tools which we did here. It is an excellent training institute.” Vijaya.P

“The course was simply outstanding. Though the concept is completely new to me, I did not find it difficult to connect with the subject. The teaching was stupendous.  The feedback on assignments given was really helpful for me to learn new things. It helped me to think in an intellectual way. I am so happy with the course as well as the trainers.” Priyanka. R

“This course was interesting, informative and overall extremely useful for my career development. The instructors were helpful and brilliant.” Gregory Baby Cheereth

“It was a very productive course. I gained immensely. The instructors were brilliant and so were the facilities.” Dabashree Chakraborty

“This course caters to all that is required to be inculcated in the syllabus of Technical Writing. It has been a very beautifully designed course keeping in mind all the essentials from the scratch. The modules were taught in such a way that learning not only interesting but also fun. I have seen myself getting better by the day.” Pranitha Singh

“Happy with the knowledge gained during the training. Flexibility in completing the assignments and system usage has really been a blessing to me. I’ve gained a thorough knowledge of HTML and Framemaker as these topics were completely new to me. The trainers have been very helpful in clearing the doubts and making complex topics simple and easy to understand. They have been very approachable and helpful.” Mary Ann

“Course was excellent, good mentors they are friendly and knowledgeable. Excellent training on all the software, interpersonal and language skills that is in par with industry standards. The training on fundamentals was good and the course helps in facing interviews as we solve many test papers. I am happy with the course and confident to attend interviews. Happy to be a student of TechnoKraft.” Harshashree. R

“I chose technical writing course to have an identity in my professional career as a Technical Writer. This course has helped me a lot in my communication and grammar and knowing about technical concepts in a simplified manner.” Naveen Kumar RT

“Technical Writing course at TechnoKraft was very beneficial for me as a starter. I was given timely guidance and was able to complete the course without any difficulty. The course was very interesting .At the end of the course I can say that I am confident with the subject and will be able to start a career as a Technical Writer.” Lavanya. R