Technical Writing Training

What is Technical Writing?

Technical Writing is the art of documenting important data in a clear and concise manner about a company and its products, by means of perfecting the nuances of writing, editing, formatting and proof reading.

Why is Technical Writing important than ever before?

As more gadgets are developed, writing and editing content is of supreme importance and value. In a dynamic market, the companies have to come up with attractive documents to woo the customers.

Who can be a Technical Writer?


  • Graduate in any discipline
  • A flair for writing
  • An aptitude to understand technology
  • Good listening skills
  • Hardworking and dedicated

What you will learn?

  • Writing in simple, clear and concise manner
  • Use English language usage effectively
  • Improvement in communication skills
  • Competent in presentation skills
  • An aptitude to query and seek answers
  • Visualization and designing skills
  • Analytical thinking and reasoning
  • Time management
  • Breaking down complex data into simple understandable sentences

At TechnoKraft, we help you to comprehend a subject/solution/product and describe the information in a simple easy to understand way for the end users.

Why a professional course is required?

To find the right technical writer is a challenge for any business. A technical writer with a professional course will have:

  • A polished writing
  • Illustrative skills
  • Knowledge of tools to design a document
  • Resourceful technical skill sets to set a baseline information about a product or a company
  • Accuracy to follow the rules of Technical Writing
  • Can customize their area of knowledge according to the industry like hardware, software or education.

Why learn at TechnoKraft?

  • Learn writing efficient documents to convey information correctly and concisely
  • Complete infrastructure and program to help you to enjoy the learning experience
  • Effectively explain procedures/instructions to readers
  • Improve productivity to eliminating redundancy
Skills Tools
  • Concept of technical communication
  • English-language training
  • Formats and international documentation standards
  • Domain/business knowledge
  • Technical writing styles and methods
  • Understanding the business technologies
  • Writing for various audiences
  • Creating different types of technical documents
  • Live experience of working with a company
  • Specialization in one/many skills and tools
  • Adobe FrameMaker
  • Adobe RoboHelp
  • Advanced MS Word
  • HTML and XML
  • Adobe Photoshop

Why should you join TechnoKraft to learn technical writing?

Experienced Team: TechnoKraft is led by a team of committed professionals who have invaluable experience in managing large complex documentation requirements, as well in training and mentoring new incumbents to this field.

Certification Program: Add feathers to your cap by validating your technical expertise with our professional certification programs. Each certification program involves the successful completion of the course.

Placement Assistance: 100% placement assistance guarantee in all well-known companies. Placement facilities are initiated through campus recruitment or direct interview with some of our reputed clientele by making you profile available to various companies looking for talented resources in this domain.

Related Fields: You can work in related fields such as content writing, illustrator and instructional designer. The market is galore with plenty of opportunities for a successful career.