Our Faculty

Our Faculty – Our Knights in Shining Armour

 ” It is the supreme art of a teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge”, said Albert Einstein. The sharing of knowledge is incomplete and dissociated without the guiding hands of a mentor.

We are a team of skilled trainers who have in-depth expertise in writing and are proactively involved in teaching.

They are adept at imparting training on:

Applications: Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe RoboHelp, HTML, XML, Photoshop, MS Word, MS Visio, Adobe Illustrator and SnagIt.

Writing Concepts: English language usage and grammar, style, technicalities

Standards: Global technical writing standards and templates

Project Management: Product documentation planning and structuring

Domain Knowledge: Training on clients’ technical products and applications

Faculty Mission:

ü  Personal attention is given to each and every student. The faculty facilitates and promotes easy understanding of the topic being taught to the trainees.

ü  Teaching and training is their passion with lots of patience and perseverance

ü  Boost the confidence levels of the trainees by motivating and inspiring them at every step

ü  In developing the skills required to face the real-job challenges in the field

ü  Time-efficient training by setting timeline for every assignment

ü  Building interpersonal skills among the trainees by encouraging positive interactions in the class.

ü  Removing hindrances in seeking help for clearing any doubts that arise

ü  Presenting the right perspective and vision in problem solving

Our faculty lays special emphasis on:

  • Quality of training and teaching
  • Well-designed reference material
  • Writing ability and grammar
  • Evaluating the trainees on the basis of performance and interaction in the class
  • Learner-centric teaching methodologies
  • Completing all the assignments on time