Management Team

At TechnoKraft we believe in leading the technical writing fraternity in India by offering high-end quality training in Technical Writing. Besides imparting training, they we also offer resources to write, illustrate and edit product documents.

Management Team:


TechnoKraft is the brainchild of Ms. Anita Sadashivan, a writer, editor and a trainer with nearly two decades of invaluable experience. Anita is a qualified writer by profession. She worked as a journalist for leading publications for nearly five years. She has also contributed as a sub-editor and reporter for Indian Express, specialized in Information Technology before moving on to technical writing.

Her passion for teaching and training led to the culmination of TechnoKraft, where she wanted to apply her writing skills and aptitude in the field of technical writing to groom aspiring technical writers and made a niche in the field of technical communication. Her expertise is in Technical Reports, Proposal Writing and Whitepapers. She manages a team of technical writers working for the clients on various projects in India and US. She is a corporate trainer who conducts workshops for corporate and college students on writing. She has been a visiting faculty at Christ University and MATS University for three years. She is called upon by various colleges at their job fairs to educate students about the field of Technical Writing. She is passionate about writing poetry and script writing. Under her invaluable and able mentorship, technical writers reinvent their technical and creative offshoots to a successful, growing and satisfying career.


She has contributed to the field of writing as a copywriter, content writer, sub-editor, reporter and Technical Writer.


Mastery over the tools essential for technical documentation.

  • Adobe RoboHelp
  • Adobe FrameMaker
  • Epic Editor
  • HTML
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator

Guiding Principle:

  • The essence of documentation is addressed only when the standards, rules and guiding principles of Technical Writing and Instructional Design are met, and not merely by typing a document.
  • Providing robust training programs for new and experienced students, who see an immense increase in their market value.